Stressed? Tired? Overweight? Trying to manage a chronic health problem?

Making positive changes in your life is easier when you have someone on your side.

Researching and reporting on health and lifestyle issues for more than 20 years, with access to some of the world’s most innovative healers, it took burnout to give me permission to change my life.

Today I am a qualified Life, Food and Wellness Coach and Counsellor who can help you get what you deserve – AGELESS HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

Together we will focus on the health of your mind, body and spirit to help you create long-lasting change.

Call me on 0403 805 001 for a free telephone consultation about how coaching can work for you.

“Today anyone who wants to make a sustainable lifestyle choice
can with the help and support of a coach.”

Coaching Connector

“When it comes to life coaches, Helen is the real deal. Her genuine desire to see you achieve your goals and dreams is palpable. She is also kind and considerate. That said, she does not pull punches. And thanks goodness - nobody wants a life coach who does that. Bottom line - with Helen in your corner your goals and dreams will quickly become clear and, further, you’re likely to see them become reality.”
Kelly Baker, Founder

“I am impressed by Helen’s ability to connect at a level where she is able to observe, identify, understand and change limiting behavioural patterns. I found her to be excellent at clearly conveying knowledge and also putting in place successful action plans. Helen’s life experienced is varied and because of that she has developed the skill of applying practical solutions to issues.”
Shirley Hughes, NSW psychotherapist, Gestalt Therapist and Art Therapist



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Free Consultation

Call me today for a free telephone consultation about how coaching could work for you.

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