Want To Be Happier And Healthier?
Not Sure Where To Start?

I work with you to create the change you need.

Individual sessions: $80 for 60 minutes.

Programmes, as below, which can be personalised to you. Five sessions $80 for 60 minutes plus one session free.

Stay younger longer

Feel younger and healthier with nutrition, exercise and attitude changes. You will learn how to support your immune system and energy levels with delicious food, how to manage stress levels, which simple fitness moves can help you keep your body in shape, how to enjoy better sleep and how to kick age stereotypes goodbye.

Food for life

Love what you eat and drink and know that your body loves it too. This program will help you change your relationship with food. You will learn how to eat for wellness and taste. No boring meals and no need to give up all your favourite treats. We’ll also look at the blocks that have stopped you eating well or losing weight until now.

Re-imagine your life

Does your life seem like an endless to-do list where you’re never at the top of it? Have you almost given up on your goals, or dreams, because you think it’s too hard to change now? We’ll discover what you really want and how to put yourself first. Whether it’s career, finances, home, or relationships, you will go forward with a clearer and happier view of your life path and an action plan to make it even better.

Special services

Shop for health $150

I will teach you how and where to shop for the healthiest and tastiest foods and make switches that will see you lose fat and gain health. Learn how to decode labels, avoid toxic chemicals and additives and enjoy healthy, delicious food that will ensure long-term energy and health.

Call me on 0403 805 001 to find out how coaching can change your life.

Helen takes a very considered approach to her work, listening and asking questions to get to the heart of what is holding you back or limiting you. From there she helps tailor actionable, achievable steps specifically for you. The impact is almost immediate and significant. Helen has taught us invaluable lessons about nutrition for body and mind. Her insight and gentle guidance has been life-changing. 

— Suni Golightly, writer and mother

Consultations available by Skype, email and face-to-face counselling.