I’m guessing that a mobile, tablet and wi-fi service are an essential part of your work life.
But international researchers and health practitioners have growing concern about exposure to electromagnetic radiation. No concrete evidence doesn’t equal no risk, they say. It may simply be too early to document effects.
Meanwhile, play it smart with these simple ways to minimise exposure.

  1. Turn wi fi off at night.
  2. Keep wires or routers as far away from you as possible when they are on or, especially, when you are sleeping!
  3. Keep devices as far away as you can, i.e. use them on speaker, or with headphones.
  4. Don’t carry smart devices right next to your body.
  5. Have at least an hour before bedtime when you don’t use screens, or buy orange glasses that protect you from the blue light that affects melatonin, a hormone necessary for sleep and a potent anti-cancer agent.

Having time when all devices are actually turned off too, will help save your sanity, as well as your health.

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Helen Hawkes

Helen writes about effective self care activities, stress burnout recovery, how to overcome anxiety, how to cope with stress, and general health and wellness tips, as well as other topics like business and beauty.