STRESSED? TIRED? BURNT OUT? WONDERING HOW YOU GOT HERE? Researching and reporting on stress and lifestyle issues for magazines and newspapers for more 20 years, with access to some of the world's most innovative thinkers and healers, Helen knows that it IS possible to live a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER life, no matter where you're at now

A former editor for Fairfax Publications and NewsCorp, Helen has personally experienced burn out and knows what it is to feel tired, anxious and overwhelmed, and to come back to a place of health and happiness.

Now a UNIFAM-qualified counsellor and Food & Wellness coach, Helen uses her training as well as her own experience to coach those who want to rediscover their energy, passion and a better life. 

As a professional associate of Helen Hawkes, I am most impressed by her ability to connect at a level where she is able to observe, identify, understand and change the limiting behavioural patterns that had develop throughout life. These long established patterns can interfere with progress in many areas of life, and Helen’s introduction of different ways of perceiving things allows clients to free themselves of these limitations. Helen is a also a a highly respected journalist who is aware of the impact of current events on people’s lives and wellbeing. I found her to be excellent at clearly conveying knowledge to me and also putting successful plans in place that moved me from limiting behaviour to successful action.
— NSW psychotherapist and Gestalt therapist, Shirley Hughes