Biohacking is the new word for tweaking your lifestyle to get healthier.

Think of it this way – if your body is a system, then inputs – food, exercise and stress management – can be altered slightly to improve outputs – energy, mood and health.

Better still, even on small hack can have benefits to the system as a whole.

Every day biohacks might include adding a fresh juice to your diet, or installing an app on your smart phone that tracks your sleep.

And look out for other science-driven biohacking such as myDNA, a genetic test that tells you what impact food, alcohol, exercise, medication and smoking and caffeine has on you as an individual. It’s easy to access and affordable.

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Helen Hawkes

Helen is a content producer and who writes wellness and business content for newspapers, magazines and digital sites and helps clients with their content strategy. She also wellness consultantes private clients about a healthy diet, how to lose weight, how to overcome anxiety, how to cope with stress, how to get more sleep and how to improve general health.


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