Interested in the business of wellness? Or just want to be  happier and healthier? 

Together we can create the lifestyle and the environment you need to thrive, not survive. 

The world is changing, with those individuals who recognise that wellness has a direct impact on happiness and success able to thrive in an increasingly pressured and challenging environment.

I am passionate about helping clients to enjoy peak health as well as creating a wellness lifestyle in their homes, or for guests of their rental properties.

For those who wish to be part of the US$4.5 trillion global wellness industry, and the worldwide shift to feeling better, looking better and doing better, I can assist in creating a low-tox, detox, and nurturing environment. 

Today’s busy lifestyle means home is a sanctuary in which we need to  relax, rejuvenate and repair. How does your home support this goal? How do executives or holidaymakers looking for a break away from their stress of their everyday lives see your rental offering? 

I can help you transform your property into a wellness hub and, for those looking for commercial return, increase the rental value of your property.

Think of me as a wellness stylist who can help you meet the expectations of a customer who is increasingly looking for ways to detox or destress.

I also work with private clients to create change in their mental, physical and emotional well-being.  With my help they learn how to support their immune system and energy levels with delicious food, how to manage stress levels and how to enjoy better sleep, better energy and better self-confidence.  

Call me on 0403 805 001 to find out how wellness consulting can change your life and increase your income.

Helen takes a very considered approach to her work, listening and asking questions to get to the heart of what is holding you back or limiting you. From there she helps tailor actionable, achievable steps specifically for you. The impact is almost immediate and significant. Helen has taught us invaluable lessons about nutrition for body and mind. Her insight and gentle guidance has been life-changing. 

— Suni Golightly, writer and mother

Consultations available by Skype, email and face-to-face.