Trends change but maximum performance and minimum fuss add up to the kind of grooming product that consistently gets men’s vote.
Agrees Karen Varker, Director of Innovation for Neo Strata: “Men’s skin requirements are the same as women, but generally they are looking for a much simpler routine, for healthy looking, clear skin and preventative aging.”
Her lowdown on the basics: keep skin well exfoliated to keep it smooth, which also helps to achieve a good shave and prevent ingrowing hairs; moisturise so skin continues to look healthy, and use a sunblock to prevent UV rays aging the skin prematurely.
For hair that works without unnatural hold, a rapidly expanding market of products without feminine fragrances, deliver impressive results.
Here, some product picks.


The first three rules of good skin are cleanse, cleanse, cleanse, says David Armstrong, honorary adviser at the British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand. His favourite product:  Clinique For Men Face Wash, $22, that lathers up lightning fast to remove pore-clogging dirt, then rinses off easily without leaving tell-tale residue.

Other candidates
Tom Ford Purifying Crème Cleanser, $85, boasts a patented complex that removes dulling and damaging toxins. Remove it with, or without water, for ease of use anywhere, anytime.
For an extra buff and polish, Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub, $45, gives a robust exfoliation that men’s coarser skin welcomes. Or try men-only SKINN’s Face Scrub, $69, that uses microdermabrasion beads to retexturise the skin and fine polyethylene beads to reduce ingrown hair formation.


Non-negotiable for even low maintenance men: a non-greasy finish.
Kerstin Florian Men’s Clarifying Daily Hydrator, $119, regulates shine and contains antioxidants including raspberry stem cells and pomegranate extract to help skin fight ageing free radical damage.

Other candidates
Neostrata Restore Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15, $49, is a lightweight daytime moisturiser packed with antioxidants and ingredients to help calm irritated skin.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel ‘Heavy Lifting’ Firming, Lifting, Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer for Men, $50, exfoliates to improve dullness then moisturises with linseed extract.
For post-shave soothing, Elemis S.O.S. Survival Cream. $99, is a high performance moisturiser designed to desensitise skin. Lavender and myrrh add manly appeal. Stockists: (07) 5564 6767.

Hair tamer

Even the least metrosexual man is specific about hair care – it needs to deliver results without ceremony.
KEVIN.MURPHY Easy Rider, $35.95, controls frizz and gives a touch of control without drying out fine hair or making hair look overly manicured.

Other candidates
Architectural and lifestyle photographer David Taeko Taylor favours Jack The Snipper Original Styling Crème, $22, for everyday use. “It’s non- greasy or waxy and washes out in water.”
The scent is woodsy, sweet, spicy and original and the product is paraben, phosphate and sulphate free.
For thick, coarse hair, try Evo Cassius Styling Clay, $32.95, that provides raw texture and a natural finish.

Skin-saving serum

A serum is the tool that takes skincare up a notch. Non-sticky Skeyndor Energising Anti-Age Serum, $84, is charged with Siberian ginseng to help boost the skin’s resistance to stress and other ageing factors. It even has an SPF10. ( Stockists: 1800 554 545.)

Other candidates
Liquid Laser Super Anti Ageing Balm, $129, is a potent blend of rejuvenating ingredients, including 10% Vitamin C for extra pep.
Aveda’s  Green Science Lifting Serum, $129.95, that uses organic cactus, argan oil and peptides to strengthen the skin and fight gravity, is a great choice for those who want to go natural.

Smooth shave

A smooth jawline or chiselled facial hair is still a daily grooming priority. Molton Brown Razor-glide Shaving Gel, $40, is clear on the skin and, for those who have beards, perfect for tidying up the edges, says Maxted Thomas PR Managing Director Ian Thomas.

Other candidates
Clinique Shave Cream , $29, features a creamy-rich formula that softens the beard for the closest possible shave. It also contains emollient and a healing agent to decrease razor nicks and cuts. “It’s amazingly good,” says Doug Garske Director of Atomic Marketing.
Decleor Smooth Shave Foam, $40, soothes  skin with frankincense extract,  liquorice derivative and aloe vera gel. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin and stubborn stubble.

Helen Hawkes

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