If money was no object, merely luxury, efficiency and wellbeing, we would all inhabit an office that met our every whim while shoring up our mental and physical health. No more not-quite-right chairs, previously owned desks or troublesome technical devices; noise, cramped quarters or lack of rejuvenation breaks banished. We’re talking an office that also comes with a lifestyle that lives up to grand expectations.

So, if you’re ready to move to the head of the queue, here’s some ideas to help you create the ultimate office.

Your own eco-friendly wall

An ocean view is well, nice, but what about a living, breathing wall that makes you feel as if you are surrounded by nature, boosts productivity thanks to optimum oxygen levels and reduces energy-sapping stress through green power? Welnis specialises in “restorative real estate” that focuses on bringing wellbeing to the forefront of design. Green walls from $1000

The new MacBook, in rose gold, weighs in at a mere 920 grams.
The new MacBook, in rose gold, weighs in at a mere 920 grams.

The thinnest, lightest Mac to date

Available in chic silver, gold, space grey or rose gold, the new 920g light, 13.1mm thin MacBook wows with a 12-inch retina display, a full-size keyboard, a compact USB-C port for data transfer, video out and charging in a single connector, and a battery designed to deliver all-day battery life.

Use it at your desk, or tote it but, if money is no object, team it with a deskbound 27-inch iMac featuring a 14.7 million pixel display so text appears sharper than ever and videos and photos are life like. Macbook $1999, iMac $2799

A luxury leather chair

Goodbye back ache and neck ache. Ditch the chair that’s so unadjustable – it’s just plain irritating – and splurge on one that celebrates your individual needs. The Ergohuman V2 Luxury Leather chair combines ergonomics with stylish chrome details but, best of all, lets you tweak the headrest, back rest, arm rest, seat base, tilt lock and chair height to fit you perfectly. $820

The Ergohuman totally adjustable leather chair.
The Ergohuman totally adjustable leather chair.

An Infrared sauna

Not sure what to do with your lunch break? Close the office door and detox, relax and improve circulation with one, simple luxury addition to your executive space, a Clearlight Infrared Sanctuary 1 Full Spectrum Sauna. You can choose to chill out with its healing rays, or you can keep business as usual by taking your iPad or iPhone in there with you – a built-in charging and audio station allows you to power up your tablet or smartphone. Length, 112cm; depth.121cm; and height, 96cm. $9849 at www.clearlight-saunas.com.au

Peace and quiet – or ultimate sound

Whether you want to tune out ambient noise and focus on your own brainstorming or listen to only certain sounds, the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 noise-cancelling headphones are what you need. Enjoy total silence or, because the wireless headphones connect to your devices with Bluetooth and NFC pairing, your own audio, as well as clear phone calls even in noisy environments. $499

A session in the one-person Clearlight sauna is the ultimate lunchbreak indulgence.
A session in the one-person Clearlight sauna is the ultimate lunchbreak indulgence.

On-site massage

Oooh, aaah, just the thing you want on tap: ergonomic chair massage. If your back, neck and shoulders are starting to feel the strain of board meetings and preparing presentations, order a therapist to come to you, five days a week, for $80 an hour at onsitecorporatemassage.com.au Prefer to DIY where physical therapy is concerned? Go all zen on tension with the Zen Chi‘s wave-like motion that helps to reinstate the body’s equilibrium. The movement replicates the effects of ancient healing and energy stimulating methods such as pulsing, tai chi and yoga and allows the body to release both muscular and emotional tension. $229

A desk you adjust with a hand signal

Standing desks are the new office black and the Table Air is a genius combination of hi-tech and function. You adjust it with one push of a smart button and then holding your hand at the desired height of your desktop. It comes with an app you can use to control height, LED lighting and your preferred standing time – reminding you when to stand and when to sit again. $3995

Onsite Corporate Massage offers therapists who come to you.
Onsite Corporate Massage offers therapists who come to you.

A golf simulator

Play golf, the ultimate networking sport, on courses from around the world in the convenience of your work zone with OptiGolf – and become the most popular person in the office in the process. Players hit a regular golf ball into a large, durable screen on which a video projector displays the image of the selected course/hole. Then a simulated ball flight takes over, showing exactly where the ball flies through the air. Pricing starts at $29,500 shipped.

Gadgets to go

No dream office would be complete without a gaggle of smart gadgets. The latest smartphone, digital whiteboard or Bluetooth-enabled wireless projector is a given, of course, but don’t forget to add these high-tech essentials.

The IRISPen Air 7 wireless scanner pen lets you scan accurately anywhere you go. Use it with textbooks, newspapers or letters to read content and record notes for later. Turn on the voice command and you can even hear text read aloud while you work. $149.99

For faster, easier desktop working, the Magic Mouse 2 brings the same multi-touch technology first introduced on iPhones to a mouse. Click anywhere, scroll in any direction, and swipe through images on its smooth, seamless top shell. $129

Designed for non-geeks, the MOD-t is an easy-to-use, affordable 3D printer ready to use right out of the box that brings you into the world of hi-tech creativity with your starter wheels on. With built-in Wi-Fi and a web-based control system, you can operate it from your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. $399 at amazon.com

The ultimate office doesn’t just celebrate luxury, or hi-tech devices, it looks clean and chic. Eliminate the nest of cables around your computer with the Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD, designed to be used with Mac products. $399

Originally published in the AFR.

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