Amid the chaos and uncertainty of global politics and corporate downsizing, serenity may be as elusive as that performance bonus. Yet for those who face the anguish of aligning personal values with cut-throat strategies, or achieving work-life balance in a tech-obsessed culture, surely peace of mind is the most desirable of acquisitions.

Serenity, writes Marietta McCarty in How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: 10 Ideas That Matter Most, is the possession of a steady spirit that provides a consistent way of being in the world … no matter what. Market fluctuations may wipe millions off shareholdings, the US and North Korea may go to war, or the phrase “voluntary redundancy” may suddenly intrude on your corporate vocabulary. Yet you continue to emit an aura of calm.

Originally published on AFR. Read the full article here.

Helen Hawkes

Helen is a content producer and who writes wellness and business content for newspapers, magazines and digital sites and helps clients with their content strategy. She also wellness consultantes private clients about a healthy diet, how to lose weight, how to overcome anxiety, how to cope with stress, how to get more sleep and how to improve general health.